Agenda and Documents for the Faculty Meeting of April 11


  • Approval of the draft of the Minutes of the Faculty Meeting of April 04, 2014.
  • Continuation of consideration of the proposed amendments to the Liberal Education Report.
  • Additional amendments submitted in advance of the meeting.
  • Additional amendments proposed from the floor, in writing, please.

Link to LE documents and proposed amendments (updated April 4, 2014).  Please bring printed copies to the meetings.


Summary of actions thus far:

Amendment from the Faculty of the School of Science and Engineering Passed.

Modification of the Composition requirement (four items), by Dean Collier

Item 1, Failed

Item 2, Passed

Items 3 and 4, withdrawn by the Dean Collier

Remove STEM enhanced courses, by Professor Mayer, Passed

Art requirement, by Professor Thomas, Failed

Next item: English Composition, by Professor Mozayeni  (Revised April 4)

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